still life. yellow









still life. summer



outfit details:: shift dress, cotton on kids

shoes, cotton on kids

neon coloured hair clips, SM kids accessories


that girl right there, yes, that one sitting pretty on letter U is my forever summer. she brings me eternal sunshine on all my cloudy days.

how lucky I am.



still life. how we weekend

bits and pieces of how we weekend.

weekend copy

this weekend was spent attending to two different parties. saturday was at my nephew/ god son 1st birthday party with a summer – spongebob theme. and sunday was at DH colleague’s daughter 4th birthday party with frozen theme. if my litol girl is already excited for her own birthday before this weekend it was doubled up after she attended two parties in a row, she can’t stop asking when is her birthday!

how was your weekend, you guys?


still life. happy valentines day


From the q’s, we wish everyone a happy valentines day! we hope that you all have a lovely time with your love ones, celebrating in a grand way or not.


p.s. photo credit by my talented friend Jhoe (except for the bottom left). thank you tita jhoe, your photos are lifetime keeps.