in a word. 43 months & 1 day

I haven’t done this for quiet awhile and it feels good to finally sit down and write an update for my growing – inquisitive – mischevious little girl.

indigo_update copy

Only this girl. I love her to bits!




still life. how we weekend

bits and pieces of how we weekend.

weekend copy

this weekend was spent attending to two different parties. saturday was at my nephew/ god son 1st birthday party with a summer – spongebob theme. and sunday was at DH colleague’s daughter 4th birthday party with frozen theme. if my litol girl is already excited for her own birthday before this weekend it was doubled up after she attended two parties in a row, she can’t stop asking when is her birthday!

how was your weekend, you guys?


in a word. saltwater heals everything


1. apology for my hiatus, life just get in the way.

2. i’d like to believe that chocolates and saltwater do heals everything.

3. summer is upon us in my side of the world (though i live in a tropical country, but still).

4. i’d like to believe that my (limited) skills in photoshop is improving (i still have to ask, confirm with my DH about that. I will get back with you on his comment. haha!!)

5. that is all. peace, love, and pixie dust y’all!