in style. back to work

when i decided to quit my job and become a stay-at-home-mom i know right then that it wouldn’t be a forever case. i’m fully aware that in due time i will go back to work and do what i really love doing. that due time, my friend has finally arrive (it would be earlier if only i accepted the previous offer). after 3 years ++ of being SAHM today I’m officially back to corporate world. goodbye freedom, hello client meetings and monthly quotas.

i wouldn’t deny that part of me is sad, sad because i will miss my daughter terribly but this change is for her and for my sanity.

so, here i am going back to work but as i looked at my wardrobe my clothes are no longer corporate approve! ha! someone needs to go shopping really soon.

here’s my inspiration for my going-back-to-work-shopping and to those who needed to update their work wear too.



all clothes are from h&m, shoes and bags are from zara.



in style. summer dressing (toddler edition)

a couple of weeks ago we attended a birthday party with summer/beach theme.

my little girl wore these…



outfit details:: top: baby gap

shorts: SM kids

gold sandals: sugarkids, SM dept. store

straw hat: SM kids accessories, SM dept. store

it’s safe to say that this kid has more style than moi, but hey, i still dress her these days so I should still get a credit for that, right? right!



in style. chambray

collage4I wanted to dress her in chambray button down so we can be matchy matchy but heaven and earth she fought. She doesn’t want to wear the button down or a jeans, she wants to wear dress just like a princess do, “like Queen Elsa and Princess Anna”! I told her even princess do wear jeans and button downs but she’s still not buying it and again the conversation went back to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. So, I rest my case and let her wear what she wants. All these she’s wearing in the photo are hers, from the dress down to the accessories. And including the personality too. 🙂

At least she still chose a chambray dress, we were still matchy matchy that Valentine night.