she said. candy crash


(while talking to her cousin)

cousin: I have a crush in school.

indigo: I don’t have but I have candy crash though.


(while touching my forehead)

indigo: your hot, me. you have fever?

me: yes.

indigo: don’t worry me I will take care you.

me: how will you take care of me?

indigo: like this (and she gives me a hug and a wet kiss).

me: why do you want to take care of me? you don’t have a choice?

indigo: i have choice.

me: what’s your choice?

indigo: my life!

Hahahaha!!!! the way she puts it it seems like her life is at risk. hahaha!!!

Oh, Indigo you never fail to make me laugh so hard and melt my heart at the same time.