currently reading. eleanor & park



lately, I have been slacking in reading (blame it to free fall game on my iPad). but in between playing, instagram-ing, and occupying my little girl I’m also reading this book. This book reminds me of Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist movie only this book is cheesier (in a good way, of course). It reminds me of how to be young and in love. I cannot not wait to finish this book, ┬áreviews says that this has pretty amazing ending..

if you’re in a market for a light and good book to read to bring to your next beach outing or maybe just to pass time, consider reading this and trust me you will be hooked.




currently reading. where’d you go, bernadette


I was looking for a book that is something light to read after I finished reading the And the mountains echoed, I was choosing between where’d you go, bernadette and rosie’s project and this book won because I let my 3 year old daughter chose for me (she said, you read this meme because I like the cover. The girl is wearing shades like Indi).

Boy oh boy, this book doesn’t disappoint, I’m still on the first chapter but I’m already loving this book. I love how this book is written, it’s sharp and witty. I love the kooky characters. Nothing deep here just fun, fun, fun.

Now, excuse me as I go back devouring the pages of this book.