in style. back to work

when i decided to quit my job and become a stay-at-home-mom i know right then that it wouldn’t be a forever case. i’m fully aware that in due time i will go back to work and do what i really love doing. that due time, my friend has finally arrive (it would be earlier if only i accepted the previous offer). after 3 years ++ of being SAHM today I’m officially back to corporate world. goodbye freedom, hello client meetings and monthly quotas.

i wouldn’t deny that part of me is sad, sad because i will miss my daughter terribly but this change is for her and for my sanity.

so, here i am going back to work but as i looked at my wardrobe my clothes are no longer corporate approve! ha! someone needs to go shopping really soon.

here’s my inspiration for my going-back-to-work-shopping and to those who needed to update their work wear too.



all clothes are from h&m, shoes and bagsĀ are from zara.