let’s eat. fung’s noodle house


top and middle photo is from Fung’s Noodle House FB page.

i don’t know if it’s the Chinese blood in me that absolutely love chinese food. i mean, chinese food is the ultimate comfort food, right? what I’m saying is, if you want to make me happy just feed me chinese food!

ever since we settled back here in Cebu we’ve been searching high and low for the famous XLB or xiaolongbao. every month i will crave for this food and i will pray that din tai fung will open up here in cebu. or sometime i pray that i have a power to aparate then i will definitely be in singapore or in hong kong just to eat din tai fung. i know, i’m crazy.

so, last sunday we went to SSY Plaza in Lahug because the husband said that there’s a not so old restaurant there that serves XLB. you said xiaolongbao? we are so going there!

top photos are some of the food we’ve ordered, we also ordered yeung chow fried rice and 2 kinds combination soup noodles which is basically a combination of beef brisket and dumpling. their xiaolongbao is not bad at all, it’s good enough (at least for me because i have din tai fungi standard for xlb). but their sweet and sour pork is great, my daughter loves it! all in all the food was good. and oh, their prices are pocket friendly too, the XLB is only 90 php per serving (4 pcs. per serve), roughly price range are 80 php to 200 php. not bad. i just hope though they will have a bigger place but i’ve read they are opening soon in Crossroads Banilad, maybe that place will be bigger?


us while waiting for our food. her “angry” face.


all smile already when we went to starbucks.

Fung’s Noodle House

SSY Plaza, Lahug Cebu City.



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